Sauna and relax

Places of warmth and peace

Vacation at Villa Naj can be deeply relaxing. After a hike in the mountains or a bike ride along the South Tyrolean Wine Route, both saunas promise a soothing end to the day. The Finnish sauna stimulates circulation and strengthens the immune system. On the other hand, experience gentle warmth and high humidity in the steam sauna. For soft skin. On comfortable loungers you can let your newfound energy flow deep into your toes. This is what wellness feels like at Villa Naj.


The power program for your vacation

Are you used to starting the day with your workout? You can do this in a particularly efficient way in the new fitness studio at Villa Naj. With the latest generation of cardio machines, multi-stations and dumbbells, you can train your body well and in a targeted manner. What are you waiting for?

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